Translation Process

For a better comprehension of the translation service provided to you, we have listed here the major steps that are followed for each project to guarantee that you are satisfied with your final product.

  • The first step is for us to understand your needs and how your project will be applied to your costumers/clients. With that information we are able to match a translator with expertise in the field guarantying the upmost quality and accuracy.
  • The project is sent to a translator, or to a group of translators, along with all the information needed to have the process started. You may be asked for a particular list of vocabulary based on your project.
  • After a first draft is done, the translation is then proofread and edited by the translator thoroughly.
  • The translator will re-read the translation without making any reference to the source document. The quality of the expression is examined both grammatically and culturally. This enables the translator to perform any further editing of the translation that may be necessary.
  • A second translator will then proofread the translation, making reference to the source document to ensure that nothing has been left out, or mistranslated. The second translator discusses any changes necessary with the original translator who implements the changes.